It won't likely take you long to notice that I've got a bit of a split personality when it comes to this site. You may arrived here via a number of different venues.

No matter. However you arrived, rest assured we're all gardens, all the time 'round here!

Perhaps you're interested exploring my portfolio which showcases the body of work  I've created as a Garden Designer creating residential gardens in and around Portland, Oregon? Click on through to find all things Bloomtown.

If you're more into the DIY aspect of making gardens, eGardenGo is for you! For the DIY crowd, I've created a website specifically for the DIY crowd that helps gardeners of all levels tap into their creative potential. If that's your bag, click on through to explore all things eGardenGo.

Darcy loving up a Stewartia monadelpha

Me with my good friend, Stewart(ia monadelpha).  :-)

What brings you here today?

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